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Welcome to TexaRom! We publish books in the electronic format (E-books). We collaborate with independent authors and publishing houses from several countries. Our E-books are distributed to major online E-book retailers such as, Kobo, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Bookstore and Apple IBookstore. 
We offer many different E-books for all readers out there. To see our books, please go to the Books page. Download our books with the E-reader of your choice, personal computer, iPhone or Android device.


Featured Book 


Flying Minds

By: Radi Radev

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A collection of fictional short stories designed to encourage creative thoughts and alternative thinking. Radi Radev has a futuristic style of writing and puts imagination into these stories. 

"Here you will find brave experiments in all areas supported by author's superb style. Even more, the author let himself play a tricky game walking on the edge. There is a man in our folklore, which, in his fear, starts running in all possible directions simultaneously. This book by Radi Radev is a strong argument that a simultaneous movement in all directions is not only possible and interesting in the fantasy literature but is also a good promise for his following books."
Nikola Kesarovski (1944-2007)

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